war is god's way of teaching americans geography

- ambrose bierce

only a few find the way, some don't recognise it when they do, some don't ever want to

- the cheshire cat

history will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

- winston churchill

our bombs are smarter than the average high school student.at least they can find Kuwait.

- a. whitney brown

it is unnecessary to repeat the same old mistake when you can make so many interesting new ones.

- bertrand russell

i'm a kind of paranoiac in reverse. i suspect people of plotting to make me happy.

- j.d. salinger

a true friend stabs you in the front

- oscar wilde

so, what's it like in the real world? well, the food is better, but beyond that, I don't recommend it.

- bill watterson

that's the secret to life... replace one worry with another...

- charlie brown

there are no dialogues, only intersecting monologues

- mark twain

sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane

- philip k. dick

you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

- leon trotsky

pass here and go on. you're on the road to heaven.

- jack kerouac

abstract painting is abstract. it confronts you

- jackson pollock

of course, you realize this means war !

- bugs bunny

how inappropriate that this planet be called Earth, when it should clearly be called Ocean

- arthur c. clarke

if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.

- carl sagan

in the struggle between yourself and the world second the world

- franz kafka

i'd hate to die twice. it's so boring

- richard feynman

advertising is legalized lying

- h.g. wells

what luck for the rulers that men do not think

- adolf hitler

glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever

- napoléon bonaparte

maybe this world is another planet's hell

- aldous huxley

properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.

- isaac asimov

this is the strangest life I've ever known

- jim morrison

i may have invented control-alt-delete, but Bill Gates made it really famous

- david bradley

i do not take drugs. i am drugs

-salvador dali

talk is cheap. show me the code

- linus torvalds

the only thing that interferes with my learning is my education

- albert einstein

it must be boring being god and having nothing left to discover

- stephen hawking

when rousing a tiger, use a long stick.

- mao zedong

art can never exist without naked beauty being displayed

- william blake

the ends justify the means

- niccolò machiavelli

swallow your poison, for you need it badly

- friedrich nietzsche

it takes an awful long time to not write a book

- douglas adams